Genetic Testing for Personalized Nutrition, Fitness & Skin Care


I believe brands are more than a logo and a website. They’re more than just words and pictures. Brands are interactive stories which invoke a particular emotion, a strategic call to action, and a genuine character.

Caligenix, a genetic based lifestyle company, came to me needing help building a website around their brand that would elegantly communicate their unique and revolutionary genetic based lifestyle products.

This project involved creating an e-commerce website from the ground up, and in doing so, developing a visual system and content identity that is accessible, informative, and engaging. Strong blocks of color and large images convey a sense of dynamism. Clear, yet charming content gracefully guides you through the science of such an innovative company. In the main heading, “Genetic Testing for Personalized Nutrition,” the goal was to give readers that 'a-ha' moment and be inspired to take action to engage with the brand, to be on the cutting edge, and to simply evolve.



User experience

E-commerce website

Front end

Back end

Admin system

Investor deck







I optimized the existing Caligenix brand identity for use in an online environment. The photography evokes feelings of health and beauty.


The website displays a delicate balance between lifestyle, science and health. The "Order Now" button makes it easy to buy the product from any page. And the site is 100% mobile-friendly.

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