Connecting the Cannabis Community Through Live Video


Toke.TV was a live streaming video community for creating and finding user-generated cannabis content. It was the first platform to provide a space for cannabis enthusiasts and creators to meet, collaborate and share both educational and entertaining user-generated media around medical cannabis. Whether you were a cannabis aficionado or simply cannabis curious, Toke.TV was the one stop destination for cannabis video content.

I was hired to direct the design of the brand, app and web experience. Its design mirrors Periscope, with tiny colorful hearts and people commenting on live broadcasts. There are also little images of smoke clouds called “tokes” flying around the screen. To sign in, your geolocation must show you are recording in an area where medical cannabis is legal.

While the app was still in beta, it had grown to more than 20,000 users and attracted popular online personalities such as @DabbingGranny, @StonedGamer and @OGLouietheXIII.



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The company was originally called "Toke With" when I joined the team as the Creative Director. The original logo was a placeholder "MVP" design based on a font. I was tasked with re-branding the company.

We settled on a new name, Toke.TV, to match the new website URL, making it easier to remember. The logo was updated with custom typography and I chose photos and patterns to be used throughout the app and web experience that would instantly resonate with our target audience of cannabis enthusiasts.

The Toke.TV Experience

I worked closely with our team to design an engaging and cohesive live-streaming experience for our users. I used Sketch to design the UI for iOS and Android. I used Webflow to design and develop the website front-end. Flinto was used to create interactive prototypes so the developers would have a reference for animations.

As the product evolved, we watched as users engaged and embraced the app with excitement. Within one year of launching the new brand, we grew the community from a few hundred to over 1,000 daily active users spending an average of 48 minutes in the app per day, and more than 5,000 monthly active users.

The feedback from users was overwhelmingly positive: Toke.TV was the number one hub to connect with other cannabis enthusiasts and cannabis influencers from all over the country every day. It was a wild ride, but, unfortunately, a shortage of funding forced us to shut down Toke.TV.

Shutting down was a very sad day for all of us on the team. Still, it was an invaluable experience and I am grateful to have worked with a talented team to build a wonderful community and user experience and I'm hopeful that the connections that were created on Toke.TV can continue on other platforms.


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